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 How to Add Music to CapCut from Spotify?

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How to Add Music to CapCut from Spotify? Empty
СообщениеТема: How to Add Music to CapCut from Spotify?   How to Add Music to CapCut from Spotify? EmptyЧт 30 Мар - 19:58

Unfortunately, you cannot directly add music to CapCut from Spotify due to copyright restrictions. However, you can still use music from Spotify in your CapCut video by following these steps:

Choose the song you want to use from Spotify and download it to your device.
Open CapCut and create a new project or open an existing one.
Import the video clip(s) you want to use in your project.
Tap on the "Music" icon in the bottom menu bar.
Select "My Music" and then "Import" to choose the downloaded song from your device.
Adjust the length of the song to match the length of your video clip(s) by trimming or extending it.
You can also adjust the volume of the song to balance it with the audio in your video clip(s).
Once you're happy with the music, tap on "Export" to save your project with the music added.

Note: Make sure to only use music that you have the legal rights to use, or you risk copyright infringement. Alternatively, you can use royalty-free music websites like Epidemic Sound or YouTube Audio Library that provide music that can be used for free in your videos.
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How to Add Music to CapCut from Spotify?
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